5 YA Tropes I Secretly Love

We all love to complain about those over-used tropes that crop up again and again in YA novels, especially when there's a particular phase going on (never forget the dystopian YA era and the dreaded vampire era). As much as complaining about them is fun, there will always be those tropes you secretly love and get excited about when you hear the book you're reading has one of them. Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of many, but there are some I do enjoy!

Why I'm Trying To Stop Mood Reading

I have always been a mood reader and it's not been something that's bothered me until recently. I used to feel that if I read what I felt like reading, I'd read more and that would keep my TBR down. Except as my ever-growing TBR shelf on Goodreads proves, that is not the case. For me, mood-reading just ends with books sat on my 'unread books' shelf in my wardrobe for years, never graduating to my main bookshelves I reserve for the books I have actually read. So what's the problem?

I'm a bit of an impulse-buyer when it comes to books. Becoming a book blogger and getting involved in the online bookish community really hasn't helped with this either! Now whenever I go into a book shop I see tonnes of books that other bloggers have been raving about and of course I'm excited and I must have them. And it doesn't help that if I'm sad or stressed (aka the life of a university student) I will often buy myself a new book (or two) to cheer myself up.