Five Audiobooks You Need to Check Out

I am a big fan of audiobooks; they're a great way to read more books than you could normally! Personally, I mostly use them to reread books. I have a huge issue with rereading physical books because I feel like I'm wasting time I could be spending reading a new one. On the other hand, I only listen to audiobooks when I can't physically read so it's not a waste of time in my head anymore. That being said, I have read small handful of books for the first time as audiobooks and I loved them all the same.

Having listened to audiobooks a lot, I feel like I've learnt a few things along the way. The biggest thing is that the narrator will make or break the audiobook. If I don't like their narration in the sample, I won't buy it. (sad times when a bunch of my favourite books are narrated by one person I don't like the narration style of). So, I thought I'd share my current top five audiobooks I've listened to, in no particular order of course. They're all excellent books with equally excellent narrators, so here we go!

Do I Have That Book Tag

I've seen this tag floating around on the internet for a little while so I thought it was time to give it a go! I have a heck of a lot of books in my room so this tag seemed like a fun way to find out what kinds of books I have. If you're reading this and want to give it a go too, consider yourself tagged. I'm a big believer in just doing tags when you want to rather than waiting for someone to maybe one day tag you.

Why I Struggle to DNF Books

For anyone who doesn't know, DNF stands for 'did not finish', and when someone says they decided to DNF a book, it means they's stopped reading it. Often it means they also won't be going back to give it another chance. I didn't realise this was such an issue for me until Beth over at Books Nest tweeted about it a couple of times. Beth is very much a pro-DNF person, and even though I 100% agree with her reasoning, I just can't seem to do it! So I thought it might be time to have a chat about why I struggle to DNF books over here!