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Why I'm Trying To Stop Mood Reading

I have always been a mood reader and it's not been something that's bothered me until recently. I used to feel that if I read what I felt like reading, I'd read more and that would keep my TBR down. Except as my ever-growing TBR shelf on Goodreads proves, that is not the case. For me, mood-reading just ends with books sat on my 'unread books' shelf in my wardrobe for years, never graduating to my main bookshelves I reserve for the books I have actually read. So what's the problem?

I'm a bit of an impulse-buyer when it comes to books. Becoming a book blogger and getting involved in the online bookish community really hasn't helped with this either! Now whenever I go into a book shop I see tonnes of books that other bloggers have been raving about and of course I'm excited and I must have them. And it doesn't help that if I'm sad or stressed (aka the life of a university student) I will often buy myself a new book (or two) to cheer myself up.

Reading Habits Tag

We all know I love a good tag so I'm back to do another one. As always, I just do tags if I like them rather than waiting to be tagged, so if you want to do the same then go for it! And if you're waiting to be tagged, consider yourself tagged by me. I first saw this tag on Jenn's Blog and I really enjoyed reading her answers to it. I hope mine is equally interesting!

After the Green Withered - Kristin Ward

N.B. This review is spoiler-free!

Well this is very exciting! This post marks my first ever participation in a blog tour! For anyone who doesn't know, The Write Reads is an online community of bloggers who work to help promote each others contents. For the first time ever, 100 bloggers from the Write Reads community are working together to create this Ultimate Blog tour. I was very excited to be asked to take part, especially when I read the synopsis of our first book; After the Green Withered by Kristin Ward, a heartbreaking tale of thirst, desperation and trust. In the spirit of full disclosure, I was gifted a free copy of this book in exchange for my participation in this blog tour by the author. This review is still 100% honest!

When a drought spread across the globe killing billions, the United States became a shadow of its former self. Enora Byrnes lives in a small town controlled by the DMC, the company in charge of food, water, education and every aspect of people's lives. In this new world, water is the currency and only the elite have access to more than what is needed to survive.

Shortly before her graduation, Enora is offered a role within the DMC, something she never expected. As she is thrown into this world where everyone except her seems to be a 'drone', made to look, act as speak alike, she discovers that the DMC is not all that it seems. But who can she trust when she starts to uncover secrets that could change the lives of everyone under the DMC's control? 

Five Audiobooks You Need to Check Out

I am a big fan of audiobooks; they're a great way to read more books than you could normally! Personally, I mostly use them to reread books. I have a huge issue with rereading physical books because I feel like I'm wasting time I could be spending reading a new one. On the other hand, I only listen to audiobooks when I can't physically read so it's not a waste of time in my head anymore. That being said, I have read small handful of books for the first time as audiobooks and I loved them all the same.

Having listened to audiobooks a lot, I feel like I've learnt a few things along the way. The biggest thing is that the narrator will make or break the audiobook. If I don't like their narration in the sample, I won't buy it. (sad times when a bunch of my favourite books are narrated by one person I don't like the narration style of). So, I thought I'd share my current top five audiobooks I've listened to, in no particular order of course. They're all excellent books with equally excellent narrators, so here we go!

Do I Have That Book Tag

I've seen this tag floating around on the internet for a little while so I thought it was time to give it a go! I have a heck of a lot of books in my room so this tag seemed like a fun way to find out what kinds of books I have. If you're reading this and want to give it a go too, consider yourself tagged. I'm a big believer in just doing tags when you want to rather than waiting for someone to maybe one day tag you.

Why I Struggle to DNF Books

For anyone who doesn't know, DNF stands for 'did not finish', and when someone says they decided to DNF a book, it means they's stopped reading it. Often it means they also won't be going back to give it another chance. I didn't realise this was such an issue for me until Beth over at Books Nest tweeted about it a couple of times. Beth is very much a pro-DNF person, and even though I 100% agree with her reasoning, I just can't seem to do it! So I thought it might be time to have a chat about why I struggle to DNF books over here!

My Top 3 YA Books - Chrissy's Books

I am so excited to have the very first guest post on my blog! When Chrissy put out a call asking if anyone would be interested, I decided to explore her blog and I fell a little in love, so of course I decided to get in touch. Chrissy reviews a wide range of books but today she's decided to talk to you about her favourite YA books! If anyone else reading this is interested in doing guest posts, please get in touch!

Hello lovely humans. My name is Chrissy of Chrissy's Books and I am so humbled to able to share with you all my favourite YA books that I have read so far and totally fell in love with! It's been so wonderful to get to know Lily being that she is a fellow book lover and blogger, it is amazing that we can collaborate in such a positive way. 

I love a good YA book and I think they're so underrated. As a book reviewer, I always try and read a wide range of books because books are just incredible, otherwise you're totally missing out on some great reads! Anywho! Let me get to it! Below are my top 3 YA books that I absolutely loved (in no particular order).